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Sage Syrup & Sage Gin Martinis

I love homemade syrups, because you know the ingredients you are using, they taste delicious and they are so versatile. Sage syrup is one of my favourite syrups. Easy to make, you need only four ingredients and you can make multiple recipes with it. The Sage Gin Martinis are the […]


Orange-Basil Cocktail

One of the many reasons that I love being married to my husband, it’s that he prepares some of the best cocktails I’ve ever had. This is one refreshing and tasty cocktail he created some time ago. So easy to prepare, you don’t need any previous bartender knowledge and you […]


Tequila & Nachos

The perfect combination for a movie/game night at home. I’m obsessed with Nachos. I love them together with Margaritas, which are always delicious, specially if my husband prepares them for me. If you want it extra refreshing, I have an additional version for you. I always serve Nachos with my […]