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Sage Syrup & Sage Gin Martinis

I love homemade syrups, because you know the ingredients you are using, they taste delicious and they are so versatile. Sage syrup is one of my favourite syrups. Easy to make, you need only four ingredients and you can make multiple recipes with it. The Sage Gin Martinis are the […]


Mango Lassi

This drink is very popular, it comes from India, but you can find it now in many restaurants in Europe and I’m sure in other continents as well. Mango Lassi can be a drink to enjoy your food with, a nice dessert or a healthy smoothie. Most people drink it […]


The “24th” Apple Punch

This is a very special recipe for me, because with my husband we decided to have this drink for our guests at out wedding in Autumn. We have prepared it for many people since then and everybody loved it. This drink it’s perfect for Winter and Christmas time, but if […]