Cooking Tips

Over the years I’ve learned lots of tricks and tips to make my life easier while cooking or to make my food feel more special. Here I’ll be sharing some of the most useful ones and the ones I think you might find interesting, as well as some basic conversions to help you with the measurement you use to cook.

  • If you want your green vegetables to keep their beautiful green colour when you boil them, add a pinch of baking soda.
  • Chile is known for having an amazing variety of sandwiches. The secret of a delicious sandwich, is to warm up the bread to make it crunchy (oven or toaster) but to spread the inside with mayonnaise, butter, etc. And if you are going to add some salad, tomatoes, avocados or any other vegetables, just put some spices to them. Adding some dressing to the salad or just a pinch of salt can make a huge difference.