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  • Winter cake
    I created this recipe, because I wanted a cake with all the winter flavours, that could be prepare not only for Christmas, but also to enjoy it for the rest of the season. In Chile it’s tradition to eat “Pan de Pascua” for Christmas. In Europe they eat something similar, the famous italian Panettone. This recipe it’s inspired in these […]
  • Mommy’s rice salad
    I’m sure we all have a special recipe that our mom prepares for us, that only she can prepare and that makes us feel like kids again. This rice salad is not a boring side dish, it’s a delicious dish that can be eaten on its own or as the perfect side dish for a special lunch/dinner. This salad is […]
  • Gazpacho with mint sauce
    A classic summer soup, with an extra refreshing touch. This delicious cold soup always makes me feel like I’m on Holidays. As a kid I used to hate tomato soups, but when I tried this on my first trip to Madrid, I changed my mind and now I really enjoy eating this tasty appetizer. I love adding my own touch […]
  • Pistachio Tiramisu
    Tiramisu is my husband’s favourite dish. He also loves pistachios. I prepared this recipe for his last birthday and he loved it so much, that I decided to write it for the Blog. This Tiramisu is based on the classic Tiramisu recipe we always prepare at home plus this pistachio paste. You can use this paste also for other dishes. […]
  • Pickled Red Cabbage
    We made this recipe at the beginning of this year and it has become a staple in our kitchen. It goes so well with many dishes like hot dogs (also vegan ones), burgers, dürüms, Asian bowls, etc. A very simple recipe, you can prepare many jars at a time and have this ready to eat whenever you fancy. The jars […]