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  • Carrot and ginger soup with Parmesan cream
    We had this soup as part of our wedding Menu. I loved it so much that I wanted to recreate it at home. The combination of the sweet carrot and the right spice of the ginger warms you up on the coldest days. This soup is a perfect appetizer for a special dinner. The Parmesan cream adds a touch of […]
  • Peanut butter Granola
    This granola is a great way to start your day with a nutritious and delicious breakfast. I hope you enjoy this recipe.  
  • Scones
    Scones are originally made to be enjoyed next to tea, but I believe you can enjoy them at any time. Such a simple and delicious recipe! They are often eaten with clotted cream and jam, but as they are not too sweet, you can also just eat them with butter, honey, fresh fruits, etc.  
  • Pasta Salciccia
    This dish may be very simple, but sometimes, the simple things in life are some of the bests. Try this recipe to take your simple pasta to an extra level. Serve it with a good glass of wine and you have a great dinner to surprise someone special.  
  • Winter cake
    I created this recipe, because I wanted a cake with all the winter flavours, that could be prepare not only for Christmas, but also to enjoy it for the rest of the season. In Chile it’s tradition to eat “Pan de Pascua” for Christmas. In Europe they eat something similar, the famous italian Panettone. This recipe it’s inspired in these […]