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Green vegetable soup


 A very simple dish when you don’t feel like spending too much time cooking, but you want to eat something yummy that gives you energy. This soup is perfect in the colder days and helps you to consume a great amount of green vegetables. *If you have liquid vegetable stock, […]


Chestnut dessert


 My husband and I are big fans of chestnuts. We love them in every season and I always buy a jar of chestnut puree to have it ready to use every time we fancy it. This super easy and fast dessert, it needs only a few ingredients and can be […]

Main Dishes

Spinach Crepes


 This very simple but delicious vegetarian recipe can make your lunch or dinner feel a lot more special. You can eat them warm or cold, but I personally always love to eat my crepes warm.

Main Dishes

Mushroom Risotto


 Risotto is one of the most diverse and delicious dishes I’ve cooked and eaten. You can cook the simple one with parmesan, or add the ingredients you have at home (mushrooms, asparagus, pumpkin, etc.) I sadly can’t eat onions, so I created this recipe for me to be able to […]