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Zucchini Pomegranate salad


 A special salad, that goes so well with different dishes and very easy to prepare. My mom prepared this salad for every special occasion, her version however, is with red onions. Sadly I can’t eat onions, so I replaced them for pomegranates, it gives some extra flavour, texture and colour […]

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Butterstangerl Cookies


  These cookies are a tradition in Markus’ family. His great-aunt Pepi was preparing them every year. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to meet her and tried her cookies and cakes, but she still lives through her recipes. This special recipe, has a secret ingredient, that maybe will sound […]


The “24th” Apple Punch


 This is a very special recipe for me, because with my husband we decided to have this drink for our guests at out wedding in Autumn. We have prepared it for many people since then and everybody loved it. This drink it’s perfect for Winter and Christmas time, but if […]

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Vanillekipferl Austrian cookies


 My first Christmas in Austria was 7 years ago and Vanillekipferl were the first Austrian cookies I tried…and it was love at first bite. My mother in law had prepared them and she gave me her recipe to learn how to bake them. I’ve prepared them every year since then. […]

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Oven-fried potatoes


 Since I’m a kid I’ve had problems with fried food. However, my great-uncle Nane (who raised me) has always prepared the most delicious fries, that I allowed myself to eat from time to time. Since I live in Austria, I’ve missed his amazing fries, but I discovered this delicious version […]

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Welcome to Cocina de Vale!


 Before I start telling you a bit of my story, I wanted to thank you for visiting my website. Cocina de Vale has been a dream of mine since many years. I’ve always had a crazy passion for food, all my best memories are related to some delicious dish I […]

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Aubergine Dip


 If you are planning a party and you need a tasty dip to go with your snacks, or you want to spread something creamy on your bread, or if you want a side dish for your meat or vegetables, this dip will save you. It’s not difficult to prepare and […]

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Date truffles


 These truffles are healthy, yummy and vegan. A perfect snack when you need to get some energy during the day, and they have chocolate! Super easy to prepare and they last a few days if you keep them on a food storage container.